Jehovadesign is dedicated to increasing God's nation through artistic inspiration.

Our products are highlighted with original, one of a kind graphics that we personally silkscreen or have imprinted to order.

The Cross of Our Lord and Savior is where God's work of redemption was finished, and is where our mission begins.

  By creating designs that provoke a response, or start a conversation, we hope to stir the spirit within the curious.

As a form of worshipping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I started drawing images of the Cross with ink on paper.

As my journey with Jesus progressed, so did my love for my fellow man, and inspiring people through my artwork propelled me to start JehovaDesign.


Ten percent of all profits will benefit: Teen Challenge of Syracuse, NY and Rivers of Life Church, also located in Syracuse, NY.

These outreach ministries have a passion to help people in need, and a desire to further the Kingdom of God. 

Your donation to these worthy ministries, directly, will work to end suffering, and will help in spreading the message of the Cross.